International Conference on Nanoelectronics, Communications and Renewable Energy 2013


ICNCRE 2013 Kokula Krishna Hari K
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Short Title ICNCRE 2013
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-925233-8-5
ISBN 10 81-925233-8-1
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
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Editor-in-Chief Mohamed Rachid Mekideche
Conference Dates 22 - 23, September 2013
Venue Country Jijel, Algeria
Submitted Papers 477
Acceptance Rate 21.17%
Website www.asdf.org.in

Table of Contents

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Circuit Simulation of Analog Secure Communication Based on Synchronized Hyperchaotic System   View   Download
Substrate Type Effect on Boron Doped Polysilicon Films Properties   View   Download
Electrical Transport Properties and Magnetoresistance of La-Based Perovskite Structure   View   Download
Studies of The Operation of The Biosensor Surface Based High Electron Mobility Transistor AlGaN/GaN   View   Download
Elaboration and characterization of AuCl Semiconductor Nanocrystals Embedded in KCl Single Crystals   View   Download
Study of 2D and 3D Photonic Band-Gap Structures in Zinc Oxide (ZnO)   View   Download
Elaboration and Electrical Characterization of PA12/ PANI Composite Powders   View   Download
Voice Controller as A Basic Human Machine Communication System   View   Download
Second Harmonic Generation in Nonlinear Photonic Crystal(PPLN 2D) Optical Waveguides   View   Download
Optimization of Experimental Study of PECVD SiNx to Improve Antireflection and Passivation Coating Multicristalline Silicon Solar Cells   View   Download
Simulation Model to The Study of An Hybrid Photovoltaic / Thermal Air Collector   View   Download
Electrical Characteristics Comparison Between Single Gate SOI N-MOSFET And Double Gate SOI N-MOSFET Using Silvaco Software   View   Download
Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using the Passive Feedback Control Method   View   Download
Temperature Dependence of Built in Potential and Valence Band Offsets in The GaAlAsSb (n)/ GaSb (p) Heterojunction   View   Download
P-Type Transparent Conducting Li-Doped ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Method   View   Download
3D-FDTD Analysis of Microstrip-Fed Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna Using PML as Absorbing Boundary Conditions   View   Download
FPGA Implementation of Sine and Cosine Value using Cordic Algorithm   View   Download
Simple Accurate Non Iterrative Method determination of Serie Resistances of Solar Cells   View   Download
Highly Sensitive Photonic Crystal Optical Fiber Based Immunosensor For Bacteria Detection In Water   View   Download
Sizing Method of The Photovoltaic-Electrolyser System for The HCNG Fuel Production: HySolThane Project   View   Download
Characteristics Sensitivity of DG SOI n-MOSFET to Its Parameters Variations   View   Download
SVMr-Based Model for Power Prediction of a 20kWp Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System   View   Download
Fast Iterative algorithms for Airborne Radar Processing   View   Download
Improving Hilbert Huang and Wavelet Transforms for Ultrasonic Signals Characterisation   View   Download
Active Filter Using A New Direct Power Control (DPC0) Under Imbalanced And Distorted Conditions   View   Download
Real Time Engine and Accessory Performance Monitoring Techniques for Fleet of Airline Company Using Selcall   View   Download
Probabilistic Technique for PAPR Reduction in OFDM System   View   Download
Optimal Design of Wind/PV/Diesel/Battery Power System for telecommunication application in a remote Algeria   View   Download
Modeling and control of standalone hybrid (Wind / photovoltaic) generator   View   Download
Software Simulation and Emulation of Automotive Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell System   View   Download
Wavelet Image Denoising Based on Genetic Algorithms and Cycle Spinning Thresholding   View   Download
SVM-REf Based Feature Selection for Networking Speaker Recogntion Task   View   Download
An Optimized Systolic Architecture for Montion Estimation Based FSBMA Used in H.264/AVC Standard   View   Download
Automatic Speaker Recognition using G729 Resyntesized Speech Over IP   View   Download
Sine Generator Based on Parallel Cordic   View   Download
ACCVD Synthesis Conditions Influence on Carbon NanoTubes Structure   View   Download
Implementation of denoising algorithm to ensure the intelligibility of the signal at the hearing impaired with cochlear implant   View   Download
Design of Microwave Filter Using Segmentation, Coupling Matrix and Neural Network   View   Download
A five parameter extraction of PV module based on outdoor measurements using Labview   View   Download
The global radiation forecasting based on NWP or stochastic modeling: an objective criterion of choice   View   Download
Energy Aware Cross Layers Design for Wireless Mesh Networks   View   Download
Effect of Transmitted Power per Pilot Symbol in LSE Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems   View   Download
Correlation Between Thickness Layer and Grain Size of Polysilicon Layer on Resistivity Behavior: 2D-Numerical Modeling Analysis   View   Download
Monte Carlo Simulation of Silicon Nanocrystals Formation in Annealed Nitrogen Doped Silicon Thin Films   View   Download
Heat Transfer Enhancement in Solar Air Heater With Smooth Plate   View   Download
Outdoor Photovoltaic Module Performance Comparison in Desert Climate   View   Download
Implementing the PLC Techniques with G 729 Coded to Improving the Speech Quality for VoIP Transmission   View   Download
Exponentially Shaped monopol antenna Antenna with high efficiency   View   Download
Simple Methode of Modeling and Search of Global Power Peak Under Mismatching Conditions on PV Array   View   Download
Radiation Pattern of Circular Disc Antenna Printed on Isotropic or Uniaxially Anisotropic Substrate   View   Download
QoS: From Wi-Fi to WiMAX   View   Download
MPPT and pitch control for wind turbine of DFIG with flywheel energy storage system   View   Download
Resonant Characteristics of Circular Microstrip Antenna Using Genetic Algorithm Optimization   View   Download
Optical study of a new sun-pointing sensor detector for a sun tracking system applied to a parabolic trough collectors   View   Download
Modeling and Design of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with Iso/Anisopropic Substrate Using Neuro-spectral Computation Approach   View   Download
Modeling and Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbine for an Isolated Load   View   Download
Simulation of dairy farm photovoltaic system for a rural area in Tlemcen, Algeria   View   Download
Study of a solar water heater in Algeria   View   Download
Impact of Time PPM Shift on TH-UWB Under SGA model   View   Download
Implementation and performances evaluation of turbo code in SystemC   View   Download
Sliding Mode Control strategy Based Extended Kalman Filter Observer for a 6 DOF Quadrotor Helicopter   View   Download
Analytical Surface Potential Model for Columnar Nanocrystalline Silicon Ultra-Thin Film Transistors   View   Download
Deposition conditions Effect on the structural properties of the polycrystalline silicon films   View   Download
Parameter identification of solar module model using a metaheuristic technique   View   Download
Contribution to the study of a solar tower concentration in Algeria   View   Download
A Novel Video Watermarking Technique Based On Multiresolution Singular Value Decomposition   View   Download
A faisibility Study of a Stand-alone (PV/Diesel) Hybrid System for Power Generation   View   Download
Bayesian regularisation network-based models for estimating daily global solar radiation   View   Download
Enhanced Gain Tapered Slot Vivaldi Antenna Using a Superstrate Layer for Ultra Wide Band Antenna Systems   View   Download
Thermo-Fluidic Analysis of Finned Receiver for Concentrator Solar Power Applications   View   Download
Effects of higher order-dispersion on dissipative structures in a photonic crystal fiber resonator   View   Download
Rectenna Design For Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting   View   Download
Parametric Study of the installation of a Solar Power Tower plant under Saharan Climate of Algeria: case study of Tamanrasset   View   Download
A modeling of atmospheric DBD parameters effect on plasma elctrical characteristics   View   Download
Design and development of an IV tracer for photovoltaic panels characterization   View   Download
Characteristics of silicon nanocrystals obtained by thermal annealing of amorphous low pressure chemical vapor deposition SiNx (x=0.12) thin film   View   Download
Analytical Model of Photoluminecsence from silicon nanocrystals embedding in amorphous matrix   View   Download
Performance of 15 nm Gate Length In0.17Al0.83N/GaN HEMT Used Simulation SILVACO Software   View   Download
Estimation of 5-min solar global irradiation on tilted planes by ANN method in Bouzareah, Algeria   View   Download
A Novel architecture of an optical high-speed access network WDM-PON using NRZ-DQPSK/ASK modulation   View   Download
Electrical performance analysis of double gate transistor (DGMOS)   View   Download
Estimation Of Spectral Envelope And Harmonic Component In Speech Using Empirical Mode Decomposition   View   Download
Modelling and Control of generator PMSG based of Wind Energy Systems   View   Download
Comparative Study of ZnS and FeS2 Buffer Materials in CZTS Heterostructure Based Solar Cells   View   Download
Renewable Energy Development in Algeria: Applications, Opportunities, and Challenges   View   Download
Secure communication circuit simulation using VHDL-AMS   View   Download
Control of chaotic satellites systems based on the predictive control and passive control   View   Download
A Comparative Study between Plan Solar Still-Collector and Spherical Solar Still-Collector   View   Download
Backstepping control of Chaotic Attitude Control of Satellite   View   Download
Artificial neural network estimation of 5-min solar global radiation values using air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed in the region of Blida (Algeria)   View   Download
Aging studies of nanostructured inorganic membrane for fuel cell applications   View   Download
Models of Photovoltaic Modules with Graphical User Interface   View   Download
Study of microwave plasma discharge assisted by electron cyclotron resonance for hydrogenation of polycrystalline silicon thin film solar cells   View   Download
Maximum power point tracking using neural networks for stand-alone photovoltaic system   View   Download
Ellipsometric Study of Optical Properties of Thin Semiconductors Films   View   Download
Analysis and optimization of a coplanar isolator for microwave systems   View   Download
Stabilizing Periodic Orbits of Chaotic System Using Adaptive Type-2 Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control   View   Download
Axis-Symetric Electromagnetic Modeling of Microwave Plasma Torch   View   Download
Power Control of the Wind Turbine for Low Wind Speed   View   Download
The Theoretical Studies of the structural, electronic and Magnetic Properties of the Co2CrGe   View   Download
Localization in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download