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Sine Generator Based on Parallel Cordic

Sine Generator Based on Parallel Cordic

Souhila Boudjema1, Kaddour Saouchi2, Bouguttaya Abdelmalek3

Department Electronics, Faculty of Engineering, Laboratory of Study and Research in Instrumentation and Communication of Annaba,
Badji Mokhtar University.


The field of telecommunications and networks has undergone profound developments and rapid changes in the years 1990. With integration of large public systems, in terms of technology, in particular, transmission networks have seen their abilities increase, particularly regarding the rate supported. The use of field programmable gate array circuits for digital modulation signals has many advantages, particularly the virtually immediate validation features, and an unparalleled facility of adaptation in case of change of protocol or modulation type, however implementation on field programmable gate array makes us dependent and limited by the speed of this type of circuit and the quantity of resources (in the form of elementary cells) available. These limitations can be significantly the algorithms used, and using simple arithmetic functions, that take into account the architectural features of these components. This work presents some techniques that obtains a digital modulation signal, specialy focusing on the quadrature amplitude modulation having the particularity require controlling two parameters of the sine wave output which are phase and amplitude. It is thus one of the most complex modulations used today in passing on protocols. For the implementation on digital circuits, it is necessary to take the sampling as a factor on the highest frequency of the system. In our work we present some technique to obtain a sine wave generator based on a parallel CORDIC processor using -Virtex5 XUPV5LX110T the platform, and ISE 12.2 software automatically adapts the VHDL type of modulation desired.

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