International Conference on Information Engineering, Management and Security 2015


ICIEMS 2015 Kokula Krishna Hari K
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Short Title ICIEMS 2015
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-929742-7-9
ISBN 10 81-929742-7-8
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
Copyrights ICIEMS Organizers / DCRC, London, UK
Editor-in-Chief Kokula Krishna Hari K
Conference Dates 13 - 14, August 2015
Venue Country IITM-RP, Chennai, India
Submitted Papers 410
Acceptance Rate 4.11%
Website www.iciems.in

Table of Contents

Article Title View Download
Integrating Aspects Based On Opinion Mining For Product Reviews   View   Download
Security of sensitive data in xml or file system by using Encoding through URL   View   Download
Advanced Locker Security System   View   Download
Retrieving Information for Urgency Medical Services using Abundant Data Processing Method based on IoT   View   Download
Forest Fire Prediction and Alert System Using Big Data Technology   View   Download
Efficient Routing and False Node Detection in Manet   View   Download
Colored Noise Reduction By Kalman Filter   View   Download
Mining URL based feedback comments using Multi - Dimensional Trust Algorithm   View   Download
Accomplishment of Encryption Technique to Secure File   View   Download
Efficient Method for Identifying Shortest Path in Duty Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download
Cloud Data Protection for the Massess   View   Download
Brain Wave Controller for Stress Removal and Automation of Automobile Ignition to Prevent Driving Under Influence   View   Download
Portfolio Graph: Risk Vs. Return Trade Off   View   Download
Wireless Sensor Network Based Envoronmental Temparature Monitoring System   View   Download
Bluetooth to Bluetooth RSSI estimation Using Smart Phones   View   Download
Implementations of Reconfigurable Cryptoprocessor A Survey   View   Download
BER and PAPR Performance Analysis of MIMO System for WIMAX (IEEE 802.16) Systems   View   Download
A Review on Feature Extraction Techniques for CBIR System   View   Download
Top K Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm   View   Download
Mining Rare Itemset Based on Fp-Growth Algorithm   View   Download
Bigdata Analytics with Spark   View   Download
A Survey on Pattern Classification with Missing Data using Dempster Shafer Theory   View   Download
Study of an Orchestrator for Centralized and Distributed Networked Robotic Systems   View   Download
Utilization of Rough Set Reduct Algorithm and Evolutionary Techniques for Medical Domain using Feature Selection   View   Download
An Optimize Utilization of Carrier Channels for Secure Data Transmission, Retrieval and Storage in Distributed Cloud Network using Key Management with Genetic Algorithm: A Review   View   Download
Optimal Pmu Placement For Tamilnadu Grid Under Controlled Islanding Environment   View   Download
Disease Diagnosis using Meta-Learning Framework   View   Download
Soft computing Applications to power systems   View   Download
Titanium Alloy Subjected to Tensile testing under Ambient and Cryogenic Conditions using Acoustic Emission Techniques   View   Download
Akkhara-Muni: An instance for classifying PALI characters   View   Download
Software Application Generator: An ER Model-based Software Product Building Tool   View   Download
Application of Color Segregation in Visual Cryptography using Halftone Technique and RGB Color Model   View   Download
Optimization of the critical loop in Renormalization CABAC decoder   View   Download
Polarization Modulation for Communication   View   Download
Report on Design of Distributed Energy Efficient and Reliable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download
Effective Fusion Mechanism for Multimodal Biometric System-Palmprint and Fingerprint   View   Download
A Survey on Quality Assessment And Enhancement of Document Images   View   Download
Video Depiction of KeyFrames- A Review   View   Download
Combining parameters for detection of ventricular fibrillation   View   Download
Embedded Based On Medical Technology   View   Download
Review on Demosaicking via Directional Linear Minimum Mean Square Error Estimation   View   Download
Microphysical Parameters Analysis of Cloud using X & Ka band Dual Polarized Doppler Weather Radar   View   Download
Resolute Mobile Culprit Identifier and Acquirer   View   Download
A Novel Proactive Secret Sharing   View   Download
Advanced Attack against Wireless Networks WEP, WPA/WPA2-Personal and WPA/WPA2-Enterprise   View   Download
Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Jack for Automobile   View   Download
Some Tuning Methods of PID Controller For Different Processes   View   Download
Online Signature Recognition Using Neural Network   View   Download
Raga Analysis and Classification of Instrumental Music   View   Download
Simulation and design of PFC boost converter with constant output voltage and EMI filter   View   Download
Simulation and Design of Solar Feed EZ-Source Inverter   View   Download
Measurement and Analysis of Air Pollution   View   Download
Smart-phone Based Home/Office Automation With Environment Monitoring   View   Download
Enhancing Map-Reduce Job Execution on Geodistributed Data across Datacenters   View   Download
A Review Paper On Latest Trends In Distributed Smart Grid Technology   View   Download
An Efficient Energy Management System for Customers Using Renewable Energy Sources   View   Download
An Interactive Implementation on A Smart Phone for Disabled Persons to Access Home Applications   View   Download