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Disease Diagnosis using Meta-Learning Framework

Disease Diagnosis using Meta-Learning Framework

Utkarsh Pathak1, PrakhyaAgarwal1, Poornalatha G1

1Information and Communication Technology Department Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University Manipal, Karnataka 576-104, India


Data mining techniques have been widely used in clinical decision support systems for prediction and diagnosis of various diseases with good accuracy. These techniques have been very effective in designing clinical support systems because of their ability to discover hidden patterns and relationships in medical data. The main objective of this paper is to develop and implement a framework which provides considerable classification results for users who have no prior data mining knowledge. We also propose a suitable prediction model to enhance the reliability of medical examinations and treatments for diseases. We analyzed different medical records for certain disease and based on the hypothesis made on the training dataset, applied it on the test dataset and achieved disease with a good accuracy. We focus on minimizing the system dependence on user input while providing the ability of a guided search for a suitable learning algorithm through performance metrics.

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