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Video Depiction of KeyFrames- A Review

Video Depiction of KeyFrames- A Review

Deepika Bajaj1, Shanu Sharma2

1, 2 CSE Department, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


Nowadays, there are numerous, unstructured and voluminous videos which leads to high collection of data on web. Searching and navigating through these videos for meaningful information is a time consuming task, whereas a good ‘summarized video’ can provides a user determined information about particular video sequence in definite time limits. So, there is great need of extraction of semantic and useful information from videos for various multimedia applications. The video summarization is the novel and promising method of detecting relevant and informative data from videos and also aims to provide effective and efficient storage of relevant information. This technique of summarization leads to abstraction of most representative and relevant scenes from videos and concatenates to display as one successive and uninterrupted video and thus has been powered up the rapidly progressing research domain. In this paper, all latest and enhanced approaches of video shot detection have been discussed and summarized.

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