International Conference on Information Engineering, Management and Security 2014


ICIEMS 2014 Kokula Krishna Hari K
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Short Title ICIEMS 2014
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-925233-3-0
ISBN 10 81-925233-3-0
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
Copyrights iciems@asdf.res.in
Editor-in-Chief JBV Subrahmanyam
Conference Dates 15 - 17, May 2014
Venue Country Hyderabad, India
Submitted Papers 839
Acceptance Rate 13.98%
Website www.iciems.in

Table of Contents

Article Title View Download
Asset Optimization and Economic Issues in the Smart Grid   View   Download
Real Face of Android Permission Modal   View   Download
Image Steganography Practices Classification by Object Oriented Approach: A Review   View   Download
A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Banks   View   Download
Study of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Friction Stir Welded 5083 Aluminium Alloy   View   Download
Neural Networks And Its Learning Techniques   View   Download
Localization Through Low Power Techniques   View   Download
Improving Association Rule based Data Mining Algorithms with Agents Technology in Distributed Environment   View   Download
Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Mixed Fuel Fired Furnace for Aluminum Melting   View   Download
Content Based Image Retrieval Using GLCM & CCM   View   Download
A Novel Approach for Faulty Phase Detection of Series Compensated Transmission Line   View   Download
Cost Free Voice Communication between two portable devices over Local Area Network using Bluetooth Technology   View   Download
An Efficient Resource Allocation Using Load Matrix Concept for Cellular System   View   Download
Online Transactions Using Asp.net & Ado.net   View   Download
A New Hybrid 9-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter for Low Power Applications   View   Download
Internet-Marketing (Online Marketing): A New Trend in Marketing in India � Scope and Development   View   Download
Retrieval of Remote Sensing Images based on Color Moment and GLCM   View   Download
Security Issues and Challenges in Cloud Computing   View   Download
Power Quality and System Level Control at Three-Phase Bidirectional Converter Interfaced with Micro Grid Systems   View   Download
Effects of Combined Addition of Aluminum Oxide, Fly Ash, Carbon and Yttrium on Density and Hardness of ZA27 Zinc Alloy   View   Download
Comparative Study of Gray cast Iron and Aluminum Material of Connecting Rod for Four Stroke Single Cylinder Engine   View   Download
Fabrication of Glass Fiber Helmet   View   Download
Determination of Modulus of Elasticity of Hybrid composite material with reinforcement of Coconut coir   View   Download
Comparative Design Analysis of Two Wheeler Shock Absorber   View   Download
Influence of Thermo Mechanical Properties Parameters on Titanium Metal Matrix Composite and Ti-6Al-4V for Aerospace Applications   View   Download
Investigations of Analysis and Fabrication of butt joint using friction stir welding of A319 Aluminum Alloy   View   Download
FEA Analysis for Investigation of Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) for a Plate with Hole and Patches   View   Download
Design of R.G Blower Grid Coupling   View   Download
Failure Analysis and Rectification of Sealing Valve Failures in Blast Furnace   View   Download
Exergetic Studies on Domestic and Industrial Solar Water Heaters   View   Download
Simplified Frequency Offset Estimation in MIMO OFDM Systems   View   Download
The Influence of Career and Psychosocial Mentoring on Affective Institutional Commitment, Job commitment and Employee turnover-With a Focus on IT Employees   View   Download
Entity Mining Extraction Using Sequential Rules   View   Download
Development of A Novel Control Scheme for Grid Integrated Wind Energy System using FACTS Controller   View   Download
SKM: Effective Secure Coverage for Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download
Implementing Virtual Machines for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Environment   View   Download
Early Detection and Prevention of Vampire Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download
Minimizing Communication Overhead Computation Cost for Dynamic Users in The Cloud   View   Download
Protect Confidential Information in PPH Cloud Environments by Using End-End Access in Secure Way   View   Download
Infant Baby Health Monitoring & High Security System Using GSM Technology Providing Key Lock & Passcode   View   Download
SEEDING ROBOT   View   Download
Remote Monitoring of Protection System for VIP�S with GPRS   View   Download
Handmote: Hand Gesture Based Remote Control for Home Appliances   View   Download
Cancellation of Power Line Interference in ECG using Adaptive LMS Algorithm   View   Download
Embedded Software Component Technologies for Real time Systems - An Industrial Perspective   View   Download
Implementation of Novel Reversible Multiplier Architecture Using Reversible 4*4 TSG Gate   View   Download
OFDM Modulation Using Verilog   View   Download
X-Ray Diffraction and Characterization of Crystalline Materials   View   Download
Power Quality Improvement Using DVR   View   Download
Power Quality Improvement Using UPQC   View   Download
Power Quality Improvement of Distribution System Using DSTATCOM   View   Download
Data Duplication Prevention and Detection   View   Download
VHDL Implementation of USB Transceiver Macro cell Interface with 2.0 Specifications   View   Download
Optimized Mobile Search Engine Using Click-Through Data   View   Download
System Design using FPGA   View   Download
Research on Big Data for Mobile Computing   View   Download
Cancellation of ISI and High Spectral Efficiency Using Adaptive OFDMA   View   Download
Genetic Algorithm Approach to Solve Economic Load Dispatch Problem on Three Thermal Plants and A Combined Cycle Co-Generation Plant   View   Download
A Comprehensive Analysis of Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities in Cloud Computing   View   Download
Simulation of a New Design Muffler to Reduce Noise in Exhaust System of C-12 SI Engine   View   Download