International Conference on Innovative trends in Electronics Communication and Applications 2014


ICIECA 2014 Kokula Krishna Hari K
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Short Title ICIECA 2014
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-929742-1-7
ISBN 10 81-929742-1-9
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
Copyrights icieca@asdf.res.in
Editor-in-Chief Kokula Krishna Hari K
Conference Dates 19 - 20, December 2014
Venue Country Chennai, India
Submitted Papers 417
Acceptance Rate 16.98%
Website www.icieca.in

Table of Contents

Article Title View Download
Employing second generation mobile technology in process plant for Temperature and Pressure process   View   Download
Innovative Bikes   View   Download
Single Tree Search Sphere Decoding Algorithm for Mimo Communication System   View   Download
EEE-Based Brain Controlled Vehicles Using Reachability Analysis   View   Download
An Improved Restoration Tool Based on Blind Image Deconvolution with Curvelet Transform   View   Download
Design and Implementation of a PLC-Based Real-Time Monitoring and Control System for a Hybrid Renewable Energy System   View   Download
Noice To Electrical Energy Conversion Using Piezoelectric Devices   View   Download
Safety systems in Bikes   View   Download
High Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Rendezvous-Drina   View   Download
Three Phase Grid interfaced Renewable Energy Source using Active Power Filter   View   Download
Wireless Traffic Density Control Using Sensor   View   Download
Image Processing in Secure Manner Using VLSI Technology   View   Download
Planar Inverted Multiband Slotted Patch Antenna for RFID Application   View   Download
Dynamic Voltage AND Frequency Scheduling FOR Mobile Devices   View   Download
A New Hybrid 9-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter for Low Power Applications   View   Download
Maritime Border Alert by Location Monitoring Using GPS for Protection of Fishermen   View   Download
Safety Chip for Women   View   Download
Performance Evaluation of Variable Bitrate Data Hiding Techniques on GSM AMR coder   View   Download
An Overview of the Mobiles that is going to be used in Next Generation   View   Download
A New Hybrid Cascaded H- Bridge Inverter for Photovoltaic-Wind Energy System   View   Download
Caudnal Nucleus performance for Arrangement Changing Condition: using Image Preprocessing   View   Download
Wireless Breaking System   View   Download
Improving Efficiency of Solar Panels Using Music   View   Download
Renewable energy resources (wind energy)   View   Download
Power Production in Satellites by utilising Solar Energy using Ultra capacitors   View   Download
Efficient Design of FFT Module Using Dual Edge Triggered Flip Flop and Clock Gating   View   Download
Implementation of Bone Strain Measurement System using FPGA   View   Download
Economical Antenna Reception Design for Software Defined Radio using RTL-SDR   View   Download
Activities of Stakeholders in Development Phases a Review   View   Download
Ratbots Using Embedded System   View   Download
A Study of Wireless Electricity-An Emerging Technology   View   Download
Year 2038 Problem: Y2K38   View   Download
Heart Surgery by Robot “A NEW KID ON THE BLOCK”   View   Download
Routing Protocols of Wireless Sensor Network   View   Download
Modeling of Magnetically Coupled Embedded Z Source Inverter   View   Download
Design and Implementation of Ultrasonic Transducers Using HV Class-F Power Amplifier   View   Download
Design and analysis VLSI Architectures using am bipolar MISFETs   View   Download
Surveillance Patrol Robot for People Tracking in Indoor Environments   View   Download
An Efficient Key Generation Using Cellular Automata for Symmetric Cryptography   View   Download
Automation Of Rationshop Using Rfid   View   Download
Sleuthing Wormhole Attacks Using Hidden Markov Model in Wireless Networks   View   Download
Secret Data Hiding in Encrypted Compressed Video Bit streams for Privacy Info Protection   View   Download
Design of Analog Front-End for 128 Multi-Channel EEG Signal Acquisition in 90nm Technology   View   Download
Real Time Monitoring and Alert System OF Human Health Using BIO SENSORS, GSM and GPS   View   Download
A Comparative Analysis of Wide Band Antenna with Reduced Radar Cross Section   View   Download
A Novel Selection Combining Technique for Multi relay Cooperative Communication System Using Decode and Forward Protocol   View   Download
Designing & Implementation of Mobile Operated Toy Car by DTMF   View   Download
Design of an Integrating Meter for Magnetic Flux Measurement   View   Download
Gesture Controlled Robot Using Image Processing   View   Download
Development of Wireless Inductive Modem Charger   View   Download
Speed control of DC Motor by using Fuzzy Logic   View   Download
Device & Voice Control System Based On Gesture Recognition Using 3d Mems Accelerometers   View   Download
Wireless Power Transmission   View   Download
E-Crashcorder Next Generation Vehicular Black Box Device integrated with Airbag Control System that records Audio and Visual Footage of the Crash Scenario in addition to Vital Vehicle Parameters   View   Download
Power Production in Satellites by utilising Solar Energy using Ultra capacitors   View   Download
Neuromorphic VLSI Implementation of Analog Inner Hair Cell and Auditory Nerve IC Using Non-Invasive Technique   View   Download
Multimodel Authentication System Using Artificial Neural Network   View   Download
A Public Safety Offline Application of Smartphone’s and Android OS   View   Download
A Novel Method of Violated Constraint Prediction with Modified Spatial Analysis Based Fuzzy Sorting   View   Download
ANN based Automated Irrigation   View   Download
Automated Irrigation –A Design Proposal   View   Download
Line-Following Robot With Protective Features   View   Download
A Novel Voltage-Mode Lut Using Clock Boosting Technique In Standard Cmos   View   Download