International Conference on Inter Disciplinary Research in Engineering and Technology 2014


ICIDRET 2014 Kokula Krishna Hari K
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Short Title ICIDRET 2014
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-929742-0-0
ISBN 10 81-929742-0-0
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
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Editor-in-Chief Kokula Krishna Hari K
Conference Dates 21 - 22, August 2014
Venue Country Professional Group of Institutions, India
Submitted Papers 643
Acceptance Rate 0.07%
Website www.icidret.in

Table of Contents

Article Title View Download
Color, Texture and Shape Based Relevance Feedback Image Retrieval for Web Applications   View   Download
Numerical Simulation of Inviscid Flow   View   Download
LLC Resonant Converter: Analysis and Design   View   Download
Enhancing Collaborative Filtering Based Recommender System by Using Adaptive Clustering   View   Download
Design, Analysis of a Pneumatic Operated Mechanical Gripper for High Temperature Applications   View   Download
Categorical Data Clustering using Frequency and Tf-Idf based Cosine Similarity   View   Download
Recognition of Poultry Disease in Real Time using Extreme Learning Machine   View   Download
An Integrated Ontology Selection and Ranking Model Based on the Concept and Semantic Web Link   View   Download
Implementation of SEPIC/Zeta Three-Port Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy Applications   View   Download
Tool Condition Monitoring using multiple sensors in Microturning of Stainless Steel   View   Download
A Study on 2 D and 3D Channel Models for Multiple Input Multiple Output Systems   View   Download
Design, Development and Kinematic Analysis of a Low Cost 3 Axis Robot Manipulator   View   Download
Clustering Techniques with Dimensionality Reduction for Data Mining   View   Download
Development of Embedded Based Power Control Scheme in Class D Inverter for Induction Heating System   View   Download
Integrated Supply Chain Management   View   Download
Investigation on Intelligent Soft Computing Techniques for Quality Enhancement of Power Grid   View   Download
Load Frequency Control of Two Area Thermal Power System Considering GRC with Extended PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller   View   Download
Automatic Generation Control of Multi Area Power System with extended PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller Considering Governor Dead Band   View   Download
Telemonitoring of Biosignals using Labview   View   Download
Stress Analysis of Transport Aircraft Wing Bottom Skin Panel with Landing Gear Cutout   View   Download
Theoretical Investigations on Design Approaches of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns   View   Download
Finite Element Analysis and Theoretical Investigations on Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns   View   Download
A Comparative Study on Design Principles of Circular Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns   View   Download
Physical Properties and Associated Tribological Performance of Stir Cast Graphite based Hybrid Al-SiCp Composites   View   Download
Optimal Switching Strategy of Level shifted Carrier based PWM Technique for Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter   View   Download
Mammogram Image Segmentation Using Tabu Search Hybrid with Particle Swarm Optimization   View   Download
A New Intelligent Optimization Technique for Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis   View   Download
Applying Keystroke and Mouse Dynamics for Personal Authentication using Artificial BEE Colony Optimization Technique   View   Download
Reliable Routing and Buffer Management based on Delivery Probability in Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks   View   Download
Bi Objective Optimization for Bug Triage   View   Download
Numerical Analysis of Power Transmission System Components in a Power Loom   View   Download
Performance Analysis on Classification Methods using Satellite Images   View   Download
Solar Tracking System Installed in Modules with PV Panels to Connection Grid Tie Low Voltage   View   Download
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of Heat Transfer in CI Engines by Using Squish Piston   View   Download
Studies on Mechanical Properties of Nano B4C Filled Glass-Epoxy Composites   View   Download
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Ti-TiB Composites through Nano Indentation Technique   View   Download
A Study on Effectiveness of Modulus over Feeding Distance in Ductile Iron Castings   View   Download
A Metrics Framework for Measuring Coupling in Service Interface   View   Download
A New Secret Image Sharing Without Pixel Expansion Using Error Reduction for Securing Visual Communications   View   Download
Performance Analysis of Various Preprocessing Techniques in Mammogram Image   View   Download
Network Security and Unauthorized Access Tracing System   View   Download
Analysis and Simulation of Efficient Power Quality Management for Grid Connected Solar System   View   Download
Privacy Preserving K Join slicing with Privacy Utility Tradeoff   View   Download
Harmonic Reduction in Voltage Source Inverter Using Improved Pulse Width Modulation Strategies   View   Download
New Product Development Process by the Design for Six Sigma Way   View   Download
Artificial BEE Colony (ABC) Algorithm based Identification of Micro Calcification in Digital Mammograms   View   Download
Development of Wireless Portable Integrated Cardio-Pulmonary Device   View   Download
A study of Wear Behavior of Functionally Gradient Al–Si Alloys Produced by Novel Cast – Decant – Cast (CDC) Process   View   Download
Solving Multi Objective Multi Row Fixed Area Cell Layout Problems by Using Relative Importance Factors   View   Download