International Conference on Inter Disciplinary Research in Engineering and Technology 2015


ICIDRET 2015 Kokula Krishna Hari K
Publication Meta Value
Short Title ICIDRET 2015
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-929742-5-5
ISBN 10 81-929742-5-1
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
Copyrights ICIDRET Organizers / DCRC, London, UK
Editor-in-Chief Kokula Krishna Hari K
Conference Dates 29 - 30, April 2015
Venue Country New Delhi, India
Submitted Papers 525
Acceptance Rate 7.62%
Website www.icidret.in

Table of Contents

Article Title View Download
A Study On Customer Relationship Management Practices In Canara Bank Branches In Tamilnadu   View   Download
An Study About Factors Influencing Cross Cultural Negotiation In International Business   View   Download
A Study On Impact Of Information Technology In Banking Sector With Reference To Southern Tamilnadu   View   Download
Hybrid Embedded System Design For Real Time Monitoring The Growth and Detection Of Diseases in Oryza Sativa L and Triticum Aestivum   View   Download
Prioritization Of Risks In Bicycle Supply Chain Using Multi Criteria Decision Making   View   Download
Design and Implementation of Small Wind and Stair Climbing Power Generation System   View   Download
Feature Extraction and Classification for ECG Signal Processing based on Artificial Neural Network and Machine Learning Approach   View   Download
Candidate Region Extraction in Retina images through Extended Median Filter and Gabor Filter   View   Download
A Study About The Impact Of Marketing In Software Industry   View   Download
Mobile Computing   View   Download
A Descriptive Study About Brand Marketing   View   Download
A Study About Internet Marketing   View   Download
A Study About Knowledge Management   View   Download
A Study About Management Information System to Help Managers for Providing Decision Making in an Organization   View   Download
A Study About Out Of Home Advertising   View   Download
A Study About Marketing Communications Effectiveness In The Business-To-Business Markets   View   Download
Study On Tele Marketing   View   Download
Rise of Job Nervous Tension, Sources Of Proficient Stress in the Fiscal Banking Sector: Emergent Concerns in Humanizing Bureau Yield In India   View   Download
A New Therapeutic Applications for Drug Repositioning on the Cloud Computing   View   Download
Methods Of Improving Higher Education Through Innovative Learning Models And Maintaining High Quality Standards   View   Download
A Study about “The Various Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Mba Teachers in Colleges with Special Reference to Madurai District, India”   View   Download
Applications of Social Network using Quantum Computing   View   Download
Service Quality and Behavioural Intention In Hotel Industry: A Path Model Analysis   View   Download
Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks by Differentiated Data Delivery   View   Download
Performance Analysis Of multi Channel Adc Using Mts Algorithm   View   Download
A Study about Water Resource Management   View   Download
A Study about Waste Management   View   Download
Enhancement Of Energy Efficient Data Gathering Scheme In Wsn Based On Correlation Techniques   View   Download
Classification Of Surface Roughness Of End Milled 6061 Aluminum Alloy Components: Data Mining Approach   View   Download
A Study On Computer Based Monitoring System For Hazardous Area Safety Measurement Using Virtual Instrumentation   View   Download
Adoption of Six Sigma Methodology in Reduction of Needle Stick Injuries   View   Download
Experiential Marketing: Analysis of Customer Attitude and Purchase Behaviour in Telecom Sector   View   Download
Studies On The Effect Of Different Nose Radius In Micro Turning Of Stainless Steel 316l   View   Download
Digital Multiplier to Multiply Special Integers using ancient Vedic Mathematics   View   Download
Examining The Role Of Organization In Providing Healthy Work Life Balance And Its Impact On Psychological Outcomes   View   Download
Automatic Number Plate Recognition   View   Download
Performance Evaluation of Alternative file systems over HDFS   View   Download
Integrated eGov mechanism for Remote VISA Issuance by the Embassy and Consular   View   Download
A New Method for General Solution Of System Of Higher-Order Linear Differential Equations   View   Download
SERVQUAL in Life Insurance Service-A Study on LIC of India in Tamil Nadu   View   Download
A Study On Origin And Growth Of Self Help Groups In India   View   Download
Big Data On Terrorist Attacks: An Analysis Using The Ensemble Classifier Approach   View   Download
Dependability Assurance through Trusted Execution of Boot Processing For Infrastructure Security in Cloud Environment   View   Download