International Conference on Systems, Science, Control, Communication, Engineering and Technology 2017


ICSSCCET 2017 Kokula Krishna Hari K
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Short Title ICSSCCET 2017
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-933235-0-2
ISBN 10 81-933235-0-5
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
Copyrights ICSSCCET Organizers / DCRC, London, UK
Editor-in-Chief Dr JBV Subrahmanyam
Conference Dates 16 - 17, February 2017
Venue Country Hyderabad, India
Submitted Papers 412
Acceptance Rate 8.05%
Website www.icssccet.org

Table of Contents

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High Resolutions of Medical Images using Enhancement Technique   View   Download
An Improved Micro Grid Load Demand Sharing Methodology   View   Download
Wind Energy Based Adaptive PI Controlled Statcom for Voltage Regulation   View   Download
Comparative Analysis of 31 And 49 Level CHB MLI with Four DC–Voltage Sources   View   Download
An Adaptive Hysteresis Band Current Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter   View   Download
PV Connected High Power Bidirectional DCDC Converter for Induction Motor Drive   View   Download
Adaptive DC Link Voltage for CPI Voltage Variations using Adaptive Methods   View   Download
Characteristics of Isotone Lattice Measurable Functions   View   Download
Optimization of Time–Cost Analysis by Fast Track Method   View   Download
Effect of Electrical Resistivity in Copper Thin Films   View   Download
Shear Behaviour of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Geo Polymer Concrete Beams   View   Download
English Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age   View   Download
Sewage Treatment by Using Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology   View   Download
Power Management in Isolated AC Microgrids using Wind Energy Conversion System and Battery Energy Storage System   View   Download
Seismic Analysis of High–Raised Building under Floating Foundation   View   Download
Secure Message Transmission in Wireless Networks using HMAC Algorithm   View   Download
A Novel Approach On Wide Range Soft Switching PWM Multi Level DC–DC Converter Used In High Power Applications   View   Download
Crystalline Silicon and CDZNTE Tandem Junction Solar Cells   View   Download
Skills Landscape of India: Initiatives and Issues   View   Download
Improving Network Coverage and Data Rates for Mobile Communication Systems using Adaptive Array Antenna and MB–MIMO   View   Download
Audio Water Marking Using DCT & EMD   View   Download
Application of Differential Equations of First Order   View   Download
An Intelligent Threat Recognition for Electronic Warfare Counter Measures   View   Download
High–Efficiency of CDS/CDTE Thin Film Solar Cell Using Step Doping Grading and Thickness of the Absorption Layer   View   Download
A Novel Approach on Research challenges in Green Computing   View   Download
Scheduling the Resource Allocation to Multiple Systems in an Optimal Way   View   Download
QoS (Quality of Service) Analysis of On–Demand Routing Protocols under Multiple Black Hole Nodes   View   Download
Approaches of Keyword Query Routing Engines   View   Download
Survey on IOT Using Big Data   View   Download
Automatic Water Theft Spotting System Using Plc and Scada   View   Download
A New Approach to Video Compression using 3D–DCT   View   Download
Development of Adaptive Beam Forming Algorithm for Wireless Communication System Using Windowing Techniques   View   Download
Robust Image Transmission Technique on Data Hiding and Secure Transmission Using Secret Fragment Visible Mosaic Image Creation   View   Download
Developments in 4G/5G GSM System Performance over Multipath Effect   View   Download
Unit Commitment with Lagrange Relaxation Using Particle Swarm Optimization   View   Download
Performance Analysis of Multi–Walled Carbon Nanotube Bundle Interconnects   View   Download
Case Study on Indian Power Transformer down Time Calculations and Oil Sample Testing with Furan Analysis   View   Download
A Novel Design Control and Simulation of DC–DC Power Buck Converter   View   Download
Hybrid Wind Generator PS Coordination and Control   View   Download
Detection of Fluoride Content In Various Sources of Drinking Water at Marriguda Mandal of Nalgonda District, Telengana State by using Akvo Caddisfly Device   View   Download
Transient Lightning and Switching over Voltages Mitigation in Indian Gas Insulated Substations Case Study   View   Download
Ensuring Interoperability in Generating and Integrating CDA for HIE based on Cloud Computing System   View   Download
Power Transfer Improvement without Any Alteration in Existing EHV AC Line with Parallel Composite AC–DC Transmission   View   Download
SVPWM Technique for Four–Pole Induction–Motor with Single DC–Link Using a Quad Two–Level Inverter   View   Download
Big Data and the Internet of Things   View   Download
A Modified Genetic Algorithm based Scheduling for Time Triggered Systems   View   Download
Power Quality Improvement of Electrified Transportation by Using Fuzzy Control   View   Download
Analysis of Temporally Ordered Routing Algorithm (TORA) using NS2   View   Download
Multi Frequency Method of Fault Diagnosis Technique in Ana log Circuit to Avoid Ambiguity Set in Integer Coded Dictionary   View   Download
Video Watermarking Using DCT and DWT   View   Download
Calculation and Comparison of Circuit Breaker Parameters for 132kv Bus Model Substation   View   Download
Performance Evaluation of Concrete Blended with Rice Husk and Sugarcane Bagasse Ashes   View   Download
A Study on Bituminous Mix Properties Using Waste Polyethylene   View   Download
Experimental Investigation on Utilization of Recycled Materials in Stone Matrix Asphalt Mix   View   Download
Optimized Algorithm for Hiding Digital Text in a Colour Image Using FPGA   View   Download
Virtualization Approach for Improving Elasticity of the Resources in Cloud Storage   View   Download
Computer Networks Salvations and Defilements on WSN, Exasperate Contentions   View   Download
Design of High Speed Pipelined ADC with Digital Error Correction   View   Download
Big Data Analytics in Cloud Computing Environment   View   Download
Comparative Analysis of Foundations in Black Cotton Soils   View   Download
Experimental Investigation on Recon Fibre Reinforced Concrete in addition with Pozzolanic Materials   View   Download
Enhancement of CDPSO Localization with Optimum References in WSN   View   Download
A Survey on Clustering Concepts in Data Mining   View   Download
Fault Detection in Under Ground Cables   View   Download
Structural Behaviour of Self Compacting Reinforced Concrete Beams Based on Various Transverse Reinforcement Ratio   View   Download
A Review of Soft Computing Technique in Smart Grid Using Phasor Measurement Unit   View   Download