ICICS 2017

International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Systems 2017


ICICS 2017 Kokula Krishna Hari K
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Short Title ICICS 2017
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-933235-5-7
ISBN 10 81-933235-5-6
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
Copyrights ICICS Organizers / DCRC, London, UK
Editor-in-Chief Dr M Sivaraja
Conference Dates 13 - 14, February 2017
Venue Country Karur, India
Submitted Papers 456
Acceptance Rate 8.08%
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Table of Contents

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Impact of Ball Milled Fly Ash Nano Particles on the Strength and Microstructural Characteristics of Cement Composite Mortars   View   Download
Comparison of Trust based Protocols for MANET   View   Download
Microstructural Characterisation and Quantitative Enhancement in Strength Properties of Stabilised Soil   View   Download
Evaluation of Cost Effective Sewage Treatment Plant for Augmenting of Irrigation Water Supply in Sulur Small Tank in Sulur Town   View   Download
Intellectual Dynamic Source Routing Protocol to Increase the Network Lifetime   View   Download
Role of SCTP in Achieving Fair Bandwidth Allocation, Bottleneck Queuing in High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks   View   Download
Conditional Identity Broadcast based Proxy Re-Encryption Technique for Data Encryption in Cloud   View   Download
Wireless Sensor Based on Fire Accident Avoidance System in Trains Using Zigbee Technology   View   Download
Statistical Analysis for Identifying the Significant Factors Influencing Time and Cost Overruns in Apartment Buildings   View   Download
The Use of Micro-Silica to Improve the Compressive and Flexural Strength of Concrete   View   Download
Comparative Study of Seven Bio Stirred Evolutionary Algorithms   View   Download
Design of Internet Controlled Intelligent Switch   View   Download
Damping Characteristics of Titanium-Titanium Boride Composite   View   Download
A Study Report on Cost, Duration and Quality Analysis of Different Formworks and Equipment's in High-Rise Building   View   Download
Effect of Welding Processes of Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of AA6061   View   Download
Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Course Aggregate by Bitumen Immersed Prosopis Juliflora   View   Download
Hemp Fibre Reinforced Polymer Strengthened Tubular Sections   View   Download
Weldability of Commercially Pure Aluminium Alloy Using Tig Welding and Friction Stir Welding Process   View   Download
Risk Management in Construction Industry   View   Download
Mechanical and Metallurgical Characterization of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium Alloy (6061) with High Strength Low Alloy Steel   View   Download
Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Analysis in Triangular and Cylindrical-Fin and Tube Heat Exchangers with Different Shaped Vortex Generators   View   Download
A Step up DC-DC Converter Using ZVS Boost Integration Technique with PI and Fuzzy Controllers in PV Systems   View   Download
Expert System for Construction Consultancy Services   View   Download
An Experimental Study on Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Hypo Sludge and Fuller's Earth   View   Download
Hazard Assessment and Prevention Method in Centrifugal Machine   View   Download
Effect of Fruit Waste and Yard Waste Using Water and Industrial Effluents in Vermicomposting Technology   View   Download
Assessment of Effluent from Paper Industry and Nearby Well Points   View   Download
Numerical Analysis of Insulation Wear in Cardiac Lead   View   Download
Comparison of Friction Stir Welding and Friction Stir Processing Using Aluminium Alloy 6061 and Aluminium Alloy 6063   View   Download
Parameter Optimization of EDM Process by Response Surface Methodology in AISI 304 Stainless Steel   View   Download
Analytical and Experimental Investigation on Behaviour of Steel Concrete Composite Columns   View   Download
Solar Powered Automatic Irrigation System by Advanced Applications   View   Download
Experimental Study on the Application of Polymer Modified Bitumen in the Flexible Pavement   View   Download
Experiment in EDM Process by Using Brass Electrode with Inconel in Powder Mixed Die Electric Medium   View   Download
Study on Durability Property of Polymer Modified GGBS Based Concrete Specimen   View   Download
Studies on the Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened by Aramid FRP Sheets   View   Download
Vehicle Platooning Using Tactile Internet with 5G Technologies   View   Download
Experimental Study on Pet Bottle Fibre Concrete   View   Download
Fabrication of Bearing Cap Fixture   View   Download
Vibration Analysis of Nanoclay Reinforced Glass Fiber/Epoxy Nanocomposite   View   Download
A Design to Deal with Data Partition and Aggregation in Dynamic Manner   View   Download
Time Proficient Approach for Detecting Errors by Using Scale Free System   View   Download
Effect on Strength and Interaction Failure Behaviour of Flange and Web Plate of Cold Formed Steel Welded I-Section Columns   View   Download
Fine Grained Categorization of Vehicle Models & Face Recognition in Accident Zone   View   Download
Detecting Fuzzy Duplicates in XML Data Using Bayesian Network   View   Download
An Aggrandized Bottom-Up Clustering Method for Solving Vehicle Routing Problem   View   Download
Routing Protocol Classification and Improving QOS Metrics: A Survey   View   Download
An Efficient Heuristic Method for Solving Vehicle Routing Problem   View   Download
Reversible Approximate Adder Using Feynman Gate in QCA   View   Download
MMPR Based Energy Efficient Protocol Used for Wireless Co-Operative Networks   View   Download
DIP Based Biometrics Techniques for Security   View   Download
Virtual Control Using MEMS Sensor   View   Download
PCM based Free Cooling for an Passive Architecture   View   Download
Efficient Active Resistor Based Clock Gating Design for the Implementation of Arithmetic and Logic Circuit Design   View   Download
Car Society Formation using Cellular Automata in Vehicular Adhoc Network   View   Download
Industrial Automation Using Locomotive Sensor for Man Machine Interface   View   Download
More Crops per Drop in Agriculture Using Embedded System   View   Download
Analysis of Fault Tolerant Parallel FFTs against Soft Errors   View   Download
Path Tracking and Theft Identification   View   Download
Patch Antenna Based on Micro Strip for RFID Application   View   Download
Dynamic Transient Analysis in Predicting Disc Brake Squeal   View   Download
Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Network Application of Air Conditioner Controller through IoT Technique   View   Download
Voltage Scalable High Speed Arithmetic and Logic Unit Architecture for Processor Design   View   Download
Ship Surveillance with International Boundary Scanning   View   Download
Role of Reconfigurable Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network Applications by using FPGA with Microcontroller   View   Download
Reduction of Delay and Area in Binary Comparator Using Tree-Based Techniques   View   Download
Design of Low Power Test Pattern Generator using Buffers   View   Download
Improvement of Ergonomic Factors in a Textile Industry: A Case Study   View   Download
Protection Valuation from Radiation Pattern Classifiers under Plan of Attack   View   Download
Secure Attribute Based Health Monitoring Systems on IoT   View   Download
Effect of Surface Modification of Magnesium Alloy AZ91D by Friction Stir Processing   View   Download
Characterization of Natural Fibre Composite Using Banana and Sisal   View   Download
An Experimental Study on Replacement of Cement with Fly Ash, Fine Aggregate with Graded Quarry Dust and Coarse Aggregate with Ceramic Waste Tiles in Concrete   View   Download
Selective Harmonic Elimination PWM in Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Harmonic Reduction by Using Controller   View   Download
Blow Down Heat Recovery System Using Heat Exchanger   View   Download
Privacy Preserving Data Leak Detection Using Rabin Fingerprint Method   View   Download
Parametric Optimization of Ultrasonic Welding of Polyester Sheets Using Taguchi's Design of Experiments   View   Download
Correlation between Ultrasonic Parameters, Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of Mod T91 Ferritin-Martensitic Steel (PFBR)   View   Download
A Real Time Analytical Architecture for Weather Fore Casting   View   Download
Quick Response Barcode Denoising and Deblurring Using Wiener Filter   View   Download
Smart Trolley System   View   Download
Smart Pollution Detection and Monitoring System in Vehicles Using Sensor and IOT   View   Download
An Advent of Light-Fidelity Technology using Visible Light Communication   View   Download
Thermal Analysis and Performance Estimation of Outer Rotor BLDC Motor with Corroded Permanent Magnets   View   Download
Analysis of Multiple Account Holders in Various Banks Using HADOOP Technology   View   Download
Incorporating Virtualization in Map Reduce for Efficient Data Movement in HADOOP   View   Download
Discovery and Prevention Techniques for Discrimination   View   Download
Free Rider Isolation Using Aggregated Trust Model Including Weightage Considerations   View   Download
A Novel Approach on Learning Material Retrieval in E-Learning System   View   Download
FPGA Based Multi Rail Chopper by Using MSP 430 Processor   View   Download
Accident Information System for Major Collision in Vehicles   View   Download
Water Absorption and Thickness Swelling Behaviour of Alkali Treated Bagasse Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites   View   Download
QR Code Based Location Tracking System - A Survey   View   Download
Car Repairing Time Estimation Using Simulations   View   Download
An Optimistic Approach for Human Peculiarity and Gender Recollection from Stride Successions   View   Download
Direct Torque Controller Analysis in Four Phase Switched Reluctance Motor   View   Download
A Reconfigurable Adaptive Viterbi Decoder Using Trace back Scheme   View   Download
Monitoring Contingency Power Flow in the Smart Grid by Using Embedded System   View   Download
Computation of Wheeling Charges Using MW-Mile Method   View   Download
Analysis and Testing of Underground Insulation for High Voltage Transmission Applications   View   Download
Generation of Sinusoidal Voltage for Grid Connected Systems Using Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique   View   Download
Design of PV Based Permanent Magnet BLDC Motor Using Submersible Pump   View   Download
Design of Boost Converter for Solar based Application in Smart Cities   View   Download
Comparative Analysis of Different Wheeling Charge Methodologies in Open Access Transmission System   View   Download
Safety Risk Assessment in CNC Machining   View   Download
Study of Health Monitoring of Steel Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Transducers   View   Download
Study of the Design and Remote Control of A Pneumatic Excavator   View   Download
Performance and Emission Analysis of Two Biodiesel Blended With Various Diesel Ratio   View   Download
Performance and Emission Characteristics of A 4 Stroke Diesel Engine with Mahua and Cotton Seed Biodiesel Blended with Diesel   View   Download
Optimization of Machining Parameters in Wire Cut EDM Using Taguchi Techniques   View   Download
Experimental Investigation of Pungamia Pinnata Oil and Canola Oil Methyl Ester as Biodiesel on CI Engine   View   Download
Simulation and Numerical Analysis of Energy and Power Loss Generation in Bus bar System   View   Download
Performance of Dissimilar Welds with the Effect of Activated TIG Flux between Mild Steel and Stainless Steel   View   Download
Characterization of Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced with Fly Ash   View   Download
Experimental Investigation on MIG Welded Mild Steel   View   Download
Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Vibration in Switched Reluctance Motor   View   Download