International Conference on Advances & Challenges in Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management 2017


ICACIEM 2017 Kokula Krishna Hari K
Publication Meta Value
Short Title ICACIEM 2017
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-933235-1-9
ISBN 10 81-933235-1-3
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
Copyrights ICACIEM Organizers / DCRC, London, UK
Editor-in-Chief Dr K Samidurai
Conference Dates 11 - 12, February 2017
Venue Country Tiruchengode, India
Submitted Papers 589
Acceptance Rate 8.12%
Website www.icaciem.org

Table of Contents

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Asymmetrical Seven Level CHB Inverter based Voltage Compensation Device for an 11kV Distribution System   View   Download
Modelling of Temperature Stresses on Fly Ash Concrete Pavements by Artificial Neural Network   View   Download
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Steering Wheel Manufacturing Industry   View   Download
Performance Analysis of SI Engine Fuelled with Bio Gas   View   Download
Estimation of Marine Salts Behaviour around the Concrete Bridges   View   Download
Study on Acid Resistance of Structural Elements Using Fly Ash Aggregate   View   Download
Performance Analysis of Engine Cylinder Fins By Varying its Material and Geometry   View   Download
An Experimental Study and Investigation on Magnesite and Partially Replacement of Clay in Magnesite Refractory Bricks   View   Download
Montgomery Modular Algorithm of Radix Multiplication   View   Download
Enhancement in Leach Protocol for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download
Breath an Adaptive Protocol for Industrial Control Applications Using Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download
Detection and Avoiding Addiction Using Embedded Systems   View   Download
Performance Analysis on Wear and Friction Characteristics of Brake Rotor Made of A359-B4c Composites   View   Download
Efficient Compression and Decompression of FPGA Bit Streams   View   Download
Analysis of Dynamic Latched Comparator with Reduced Delay and Energy for High Speed ADCs   View   Download
An Optimized Algorithm for Integrating Various CBIR Methods using Multivariate Features   View   Download
Pre-paid Toll Processing E-Ticketing System   View   Download
A Study on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour of Employees in New Generation Private Banks with Special Reference to Madurai District   View   Download
Investigation on Hybrid Concrete Using Steel and Polypropylene Fibre   View   Download
Classification of Audio Data using Rule Classifier from Decision Tree Induction using Training Samples   View   Download
An Empirical Study on Work-Life Balance among Married Working Women in Thiruchengode Taluk   View   Download
Mechanical Properties of High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete   View   Download
Design and Performance Analysis of Biofuel Preheating Device for Two Stroke Diesel Engine by Using Finite Element Method   View   Download
Toll Gate Alarming Mechanism for Weapon Detection   View   Download
Study on Reinforced Concrete Flexural Beams with Precast Laminates   View   Download
Smart Tollgate and Vehicle Tracking System with RFID   View   Download
Securing Voice by Sip with Offset Codebook   View   Download
High Performance Optimal PID Controller   View   Download
Experimental Study on Corrosion Prevention with Rebar’s Along with Fibre in R.C Slabs   View   Download
Optimizing the Tools and Examine the Defects of Al 6061 Alloy Using Friction Stir Welding   View   Download
Work Safety Analysis in Soda Recovery Plant   View   Download
Performance Investigation of Nuts and Grain Dryer by Using Forced Convection Mode   View   Download
Effect of Copper on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Si7-Mg Alloy via Powder Metallurgy   View   Download
A Collision Free GPS System for Plantation Analysis and Yield Evaluation in Agriculture   View   Download
Improving the efficiency of System Performance using Proxy Servers for Load Distribution and Content Services   View   Download
Semi-Autonomous Waste Segregation Robot   View   Download
Real Time Process Control Using Point to Point Protocol   View   Download
Design and Analysis in Heat Exchanger on Radiator Fin and Tube With and Without Vortex Generators   View   Download
A Study on Investors Awareness towards Stock Market Investment   View   Download
Application of Shunt Active Filter in Automatic Voltage Control and Power Factor Correction   View   Download
An Optimized Framework for Data Mining using Grid based Mining   View   Download
Are Racial Discrimination and Social Segregation a Problem?   View   Download
New Integration System for PV/ Wind Resources for Efficient Power Generation   View   Download
Cloud Computing used in mHealthcare Systems for Patients to preserve their Privacy   View   Download
Effect of Bath Temperature on Structural and Magnetic properties of Electrodeposited Ni-Co-B Magnetic Thin Films   View   Download
An Investigation of Bio Gas Production by Using Food Waste   View   Download
Effect of Thiourea on Growth, Structural, Optical and Nlo Properties of Ammonium Di Hydrogen Phosphate Crystals   View   Download
Chemometric Analysis of Water Quality Parameter in and Around Sipcot Perundurai of Erode District   View   Download
Spectroscopic Investigation of Charge Transfer Complexes of 4-Aminoacetanilide with Series of Substituted 1, 4-Benzoquinones   View   Download
Design and Investigation of Waste Heat Utilizer from Two Stroke Petrol Engine Exhaust   View   Download
Free Vibration of Homogeneous Transversely Isotropic Thermo Elastic Cylindrical Panel   View   Download
Spatial Data for Image Segmentation a Modified Fuzzy C-Means Clustering with MRI Picture   View   Download
Roman k-Domination in Graphs   View   Download
Wave Propagation in A Transversely Isotropic Thermo Elastic Solid Circular Cylinder   View   Download
Roman Domination in Graphs   View   Download
Prediction of Modal Characteristics of Orthotropic Curved Panel by Using Finite Element Method   View   Download
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy 6061 Reinforced Glass   View   Download
Analysis of Carbon-Epoxy Composite in Aircraft Application   View   Download
The Study of Software Development Process Models in Software Engineering   View   Download
The Importance of Testing throughout the Software Development Life Cycle in Various Projects   View   Download
Design and Analysis of A Single Boiler Heat Exchanger for an Espresso Coffee Machine   View   Download
Free Vibration Analysis of Drive Shaft for Automobiles   View   Download
Design and Analysis of Wheel Rim with Spiral Flexures   View   Download
Three Input Converters for Hybrid Wind/Solar System   View   Download
The Effect of Interface Friction in Drawing AISI 304 Stainless Steel and AL1100 Materials at Constant Blank Holding Force using on Finite Element Simulation Studies   View   Download
A Study on Secure Energy Efficient Cluster based Hierarchical Routing protocols for WSNs   View   Download
Design and Analysis of Pressure Vessel   View   Download
Design and Fabrication of Composite Helical Spring   View   Download
Implementation of Mechatronics System in the Inspection of Bogie Mounted Pneumatic Brake Cylinder   View   Download
Design and Simulation of Semi Hexagonal Fins for Air Cooled Engines   View   Download
Performance Improvement of Jet Ejector Based On CRMC Method by Using CFD   View   Download
Recent Trends in Generation of Mobile Communication   View   Download
Design and Analysis of Pulse Jet Engine   View   Download
Artificial Intelligence and Intrusion Detection Systems   View   Download
Reputation System for Improving Security in VOIP   View   Download
Analysing and Discovering Imitating Intruders in Real Time Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download
Predictive Control for Green House Irrigation Process   View   Download
Performance Improvement of Head Protective Cap with Acquainted Spring   View   Download
Grid-Connected PV-Wind Power System Design   View   Download
Improving Lifetime of WSN System using Virtual Backbone Scheduling   View   Download
Data Veracity Proofs in Cloud Storage Space   View   Download
New Unified Multilevel Converter for Drives in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Adjustable Energy Conversion   View   Download
Shared Cluster Decision Assembly method using sky Traffic-Flow Organization   View   Download
Analysis of Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers   View   Download
Design and Analysis of Propeller Shaft by using Finite Element Analysis Method   View   Download
Cost-Optimized Dynamic Immigration of Content Distribution Services into Hybrid Clouds   View   Download
Failure Investigation on Armature Plate to Enhance Durability   View   Download
Smart Drip System Using for Agriculture System   View   Download
Harmonics Reduction in Stepper Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Logic Controller   View   Download
Experimental Investigation of Oxygen Enriched Air Intake on Combustion in Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine   View   Download
A Wireless Battery Charger for Mobile Device   View   Download
Noise Reduction and Material Inspection by using Geneva Conveyor   View   Download
Analysis of Leaf Spring Using Composite Material   View   Download
Automobile Exhaust Based Thermo Electric Generator   View   Download
Chain Drive Power Generation in Roadways by Using Vehicles   View   Download
Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension   View   Download
A Security Mechanism for MANET with Efficient Certificate Revocation Mechanism   View   Download
Optical Core Networks Using Multi-layer Energy Savings for Reducing Energy Consumption   View   Download
Dynamic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Reliable Attribute Aided Data Aggregation   View   Download
Optimization Technique for Mobile Applications Using Ranking Algorithm   View   Download
FR-Efficient Compression of PUM Data in WAMS   View   Download
Cluster Analysis of Organizational Website using Fk-Medoids   View   Download
Investigation on Concrete Effectively Using Glass Powder as Partial Replacement for Sand   View   Download
Eco Friendly Concrete Blocks Using Polymer Wastes for Medium Traffic Roads   View   Download
Durability Study on Self-Curing High Performance Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Using Super Absorbent Polymers   View   Download
An Experimental Study of Decorative Concrete   View   Download
Bidirectional Control of DC Motor by using PI & PWM Controller   View   Download
E-Smart Vehicular Communication System Using LI - FI Technology   View   Download
Energy Harvesting From Piezoelectric Crystals   View   Download
Efficient Gas Detection in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles   View   Download
Experimental Study on Properties of Pervious Concrete   View   Download
Investigation on Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing by Replacing Partially Using China Clay (Ceramic Waste)   View   Download
Experimental Study on conventional Concrete with Human Hair Fibre Reinforced Concrete   View   Download
Experimental Study on Solid Waste Materials in Concrete   View   Download
Investigation of SIFCON Concrete by Using Crimpled Steel Fibres   View   Download
Investigation of Concrete on effectively Using Lignin from Prosopis Juliflora as Partial Replacement of Sand   View   Download
Estimation of Oceanic Salts Behaviour around the Concrete Structures   View   Download
Use of Quarry Dust to Replace Sand in Concrete - An Experimental Study   View   Download
Study on Concrete with Human Hair Fibre Reinforced Concrete   View   Download
Study on Slurry Infiltrated Fibrous Reinforced Concrete Beams   View   Download
Behaviour of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Groundnut Shell Ash   View   Download
Experimental Study on Strength Characteristics of Geo Polymer Concrete Using Silica Fume   View   Download
Influence of Steel Slag on Mechanical Properties of Concrete   View   Download
An Experimental Attempt in Concrete with Industry Sludge   View   Download
Experimental Study on the Behaviour of Retrofitting the RC beam Using GFRP and PFRP   View   Download
Strength and Durability Characteristics of Incinerated Egg Shell Powder in Concrete   View   Download
Teaching English through Digital World   View   Download
Smart City Wireless Connectivity based on Water   View   Download
Active Content Delivery Using Live Localization Scheme in Wireless Network   View   Download
Shadow Elimination Using Traffic Video Surveillance   View   Download
Amalgam Approach on Usages of Agent Technology   View   Download
Privacy-Preserving-Outsourced Association Rule Mining on Vertically Partitioned Databases   View   Download
A Comparative Study of Teaching Competency and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) of the Faculties Trained Through Formal System of Education and Those through Distance Education   View   Download
A Study on Effectiveness of Employees Safety and Health Measures   View   Download
Sensor Networks Considered Harmful   View   Download
Control System for People with Multiple Disabilities in Smart Homes   View   Download
Socio-Political Concern in Mulk Raj Anand's Coolie   View   Download
Outsourced Parallel Search on Metric Information Resources   View   Download
Development of IOT Based Smart Security and Ubiquitous Controlled Agriculture System   View   Download
An Advanced Secure System Using Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledge for WSNs   View   Download
Data Intensive Using Mobile Relay Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks for Energy Efficient Scheme   View   Download
Improving Data Reliability and Integration in Cloud Using PRCR   View   Download
Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) - Connectionless Wireless Communication System   View   Download
An empirical Study on the Effect of Demonetization on Indian Stock Market with Special Reference to Nifty and Bank Nifty   View   Download
A Study on the Employee Retention with Special Reference to Aegis Limited, Chennai   View   Download
A Study on the Organizational Culture of Sakthi Sugars Ltd, Erode   View   Download
An Article on "Business Men are Made"   View   Download
A Study on Performance of Selected Equity Mutual Funds with Special Reference to Tata Mutual Funds   View   Download
A Study on the Cash Management at Unifront Textiles, Coimbatore   View   Download
Water Quality Monitoring System Project Domain - Medical/Assistive Technologies   View   Download
Molecular Modelling of Human Brain Function in Biological Technologies   View   Download
Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Wireless Standards with MAC Protocols Based on Different Mobility Models   View   Download
A Smart Control System based on Context and Human Speech   View   Download
Text to Audio for Visually Impaired by Braille Converter   View   Download
An Ultra-Low Power Microprocessor Based Wireless ECG   View   Download
Heat Transfer Enhancement Analysis of Micro Channel   View   Download
Visible Light Communications for Li-Fi Technology Using PWM Signals   View   Download
A Study on Sixth Sense - Future Mini Embedded Computer   View   Download
A Secured Image Sharing on Social Websites   View   Download
A Study on Performance Appraisal with Special Reference to CRI Pumps, Coimbatore   View   Download
Biodiesel Prepared By Trans-esterification Technique from Waste Cooking Oil (Yam Frying Oil)   View   Download
Good House Keeping Technique Using 5 S   View   Download
A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Ambal Auto, Erode   View   Download
A Study on Brand Preference of Civil Engineers towards Agni Steel with Special Reference to Agni Steels, Erode   View   Download
Raindrop Algorithm Based Controller for Chopper Driven PMDC Motor   View   Download
A New Class of Locally Closed Sets in bigeneralized Topological Spaces via Hereditary Classes   View   Download
Asynchronous Power Management Using Grid Deployment Method for Wireless Sensor Networks in Critical Situation   View   Download
Denial to "Analysis on Control Cloud Data Entrance Freedom and Ambiguity with Entirely Anonymous Attribute-Based Encryption"   View   Download
Survey and Research Challenges in Big Data   View   Download
Dynamic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Efficient Attribute Aided Data Aggregation Technique   View   Download
Application of Agricultural Waste in Preparation of Sustainable Construction Material   View   Download
Privacy Preserving Ranked Multi-Keyword Search for Multiple Data Owners in Cloud Computing   View   Download
A Typical Sleep Scheduling Algorithm in Cluster Head Selection for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download