International Conference on Systems, Science, Control, Communication, Engineering and Technology 2016


ICSSCCET 2016 Kokula Krishna Hari K
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Short Title ICSSCCET 2016
Publisher ASDF, India
ISBN 13 978-81-929866-6-1
ISBN 10 81-929866-6-7
Language English
Type Hard Bound - Printed Book
Copyrights ICSSCCET Organizers / DCRC, London, UK
Editor-in-Chief Dr T Ramachandran
Conference Dates 18 - 19, March 2016
Venue Country Coimbatore, India
Submitted Papers 825
Acceptance Rate 8.12%
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Table of Contents

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Assorted Performance Investigation of Flat Plate Solar Collector - A Review   View   Download
Language Mixing in Eugene O’Neill’s Play 'The Emperor Jones'   View   Download
Dilemma of the Displaced: A Study of Toni Morrison's Select Novels   View   Download
Experimental Investigation of Tensile Strength, Flexural Strength and Impact Strength of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polyurethane Composite   View   Download
Path Analysis of Scorboter V plus End Effectors Using Lab View   View   Download
A Review on Springback in Sheet Metal U Bending   View   Download
A Novel Study of and Comparative Survey of Future Wireless Communication   View   Download
A Thirteen Degree of Freedom Tele-Robotic Surgical ARM System with Efficient Tactile Sensors in the Manipulators   View   Download
Influence of Singed Viscose Yarn on knitted Grey Fabric Characteristics   View   Download
Effect of Singed Viscose Yarn on Woven Fabric Characteristics   View   Download
Experimentation and Optimization of Machining Parameters in Subtractive Rapid Prototyping Machine Using AL-Alloy (Duralumin) and Compare the Surface Finish Value with Taguchi Techniques   View   Download
Simulatneous Adsorption of Phenol and 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol onto Nano Porous Carbon from Binary Mixture: Multicomponent Adsorption, Thermodynamic and Kinetic Study   View   Download
Centrifugally Cast Functionally Graded Materials - Review   View   Download
Study on Comfort Characteristics of Three Layered Technical Textiles for Sportswear   View   Download
Influence of Plasma Treatment and Weave Structure on Comfort Properties of Bamboo/Cotton Fabrics   View   Download
Study of Comfort Characteristics of the Conventional Single Layer Woven Fabrics for Sportswear   View   Download
Study on Comfort Properties of Plasma Treated Handloom Cotton Fabrics   View   Download
Effect of Plasma Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Handloom Cotton Fabrics   View   Download
A Review on Ranking Algorithms in Information Retrieval   View   Download
Semi-Automated Soil Digging Machine for Sapling Plantation   View   Download
Big Bang - Big Crunch Method for Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generators for Power Loss Reduction and Voltage Profile Improvement   View   Download
Assessment of Comfort Properties of Eco-Friendly Dyed and Finished Bamboo/Cotton Knitted Fabric for Sportswear   View   Download
Effect of Herbal Extraction for Antibacterial Finish for the Development of Knitted Fabrics   View   Download
Design and Development of Measuring Device in Automobiles during Fueling   View   Download
Characteristics and Property Analysis of A360Aluminium Alloy Casting Using Electromagnetic Vibration Technique   View   Download
Energy based Logical Multipath Routing for Improving Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download
Implementation of QCA based Reversible Parallel Binary Adder/Subtractor   View   Download
Traffic Reduction on the Server Sides using Hilbert Curve in the Mobile Crowd Sensing   View   Download
Implementation of Fault Tolerant Topology for Increasing Network Lifetime in MANET   View   Download
On β* g*-Closed Sets in Topological Spaces   View   Download
An Inventory Model for a Closed Loop Supply Chain Considering Product Life Cycle in a Discrete Period   View   Download
A Modeling and Optimization of Closed Loop Supply Chain System with Inventory at Multiple Periods   View   Download
Integration of Handloom Weaving and Flame Retaradant Finishing on Silk, Cotton and Silk/Cotton (SICO) Fabrics   View   Download
Similarity Measures in Document Clustering and Duplicate Detection   View   Download
Unsupervised Similarity Measures in Document Clustering   View   Download
Finite Element Analysis of Automotive Chassis with Various Cross-Section   View   Download
Artificial Neural Network Classifiers for Diagnosis of Thyroid Abnormalities   View   Download
Secured Data Transmission using Serbo Croation Technique   View   Download
Indian Burmese Diaspora in Amitav Ghosh's The Glass Palace   View   Download
Harmony Search Algorithm for Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch   View   Download
Direct Torque Control Based Induction Motor Drives with Improved Power Quality Converter   View   Download
Design and Implementation of a 15-Level Inverter with Facts Capability for Distributed Energy Systems   View   Download
Review of Vibration Signal Processing towards Faults Diagnosis   View   Download
Design and Analysis of a Missile Storage Container Using Composite Materials   View   Download
Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter with Voltage Doubler for Photovoltaic Applications   View   Download
Design and Analysis of Quadcopter   View   Download
Survey of Design and Implementation of Fine-Grained Authorized Access Control for Health Care Application on Cloud   View   Download
An Efficient Cloud Storage Batch Auditing without Key Exposure Resistance using Public Verifier   View   Download
An Efficient Power Aware Mobile Job Execution in Public Mobile Cloud   View   Download
Prediction and Optimization of Process Parameters for Cylindrical Grinding of Inconel718 Alloy using Taguchi Approach   View   Download
Ranking Reliable Mobile Application using Evidence Aggregation Technique   View   Download
Mobile Application for Secured Message Transmission using MD5 Algorithm   View   Download
Design and Implementation of Effective Digital Technology for Controlling Industry and Home Systems   View   Download
Design and Implementation of Low Power FIR Filter using Integrated Multiplier   View   Download
Influence of Water Repellancy on Silk: Cotton Handloom Fabrics Finished by Integrated Weaving   View   Download
An Interleaved Voltage Lift DC/DC Boost Converter for PV Applications   View   Download
High Power Generation on Low Wind Using Vertical Axis Type Wind Turbine   View   Download
A Pollution Free Renewable Energy Based Refrigeration System   View   Download
An Energy Efficient Location based Multipath Routing for MANET   View   Download
Android Application for Event Management System   View   Download
An Overview of Design and Development of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Coiled Spring for Automobile Applications   View   Download
Improving Security Based on Detecting Selfish Nodes Using Md5 Encryption Algorithm in MANETS   View   Download
Simulation of Forest Fire Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks   View   Download
Theoretical Study of Some Cyclic Halogenated Compounds as Corrosion Inhibitors   View   Download
Experimental and Theoretical Vibrational Study of Isatin   View   Download
Web Application for Avocation of Efficient Aspirants   View   Download
An Secure Data Collection in Cluster Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Anchor Point Selection Algorithm   View   Download
Implementation of Web Application in Identification of Frequent Itemsets in Shopping Cart   View   Download
A Novel Approach on Learning Material Retreival in E-Learing System   View   Download
IP Based Software Puzzles using AES Encryption on The Client Side to Countermeasure DOS Attacks   View   Download
Design of Autonomous Douser   View   Download
Mobile Location Based Traffic Reduction on the Server Sides using Hilbert Curve in the Mobile Crowd   View   Download
An Enhanced Meta Heuristic Model for Reduction of Energy Consumption in Embedded Systems   View   Download
Mobile Application for Karpagam Tech Information   View   Download
Geographical Information System Based Android Application for Blood Donor Search   View   Download
Preparation of Spherical Silica Nanoparticles by Sol-Gel Method   View   Download
A Novel Approach of an Efficient Booth Encoder for Signal Processing Applications   View   Download
Predicting Protein Interactions by using Various Algorithms on Biological Networks   View   Download
Development of an Enhanced Mobile Based Link Model for Residual Link Lifetime (RLL) maximization in MANET   View   Download
Development of Personal Lung Function Monitoring Device for Asthma Patients Using ARM Controller   View   Download
Development of Time Measuring Device using Accelerometer Synchronised with Speedometer   View   Download
A Survey on Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Classification   View   Download
Design and Implementation of Air Conditioning System based on Temperature Control Device for Power Saving   View   Download
Implementation of Low Power Viterbi Decoder Using FPGA   View   Download
Investigation of Modern Muffler Acoustic Characteristics using Transfer Matrix Method   View   Download
Energy-Efficient Routing Design for Ad Hoc Networks Using Cross-Layer   View   Download
Reconfiguration of Cellular Layout to Reduce Material Handling Cost with Alternative Routing by Using Genetic Algorithm   View   Download
Enhancement of Network Security in Snack Routing Strategy Using Trust Agent   View   Download
Design and Development of an I-Shaped Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications   View   Download
Review of Cooling Effect on Gas Turbine Blade   View   Download
ECG Signals De-Noising using Adaptive Filter   View   Download
Design for Wellbeing Defense on Voting Machine   View   Download
Design and Development of Automatic Billing Trolley   View   Download
Survey on Video Based Face Recognition using PPCA-SIFT Algorithm   View   Download
Survey of Investigation on Ranking of Active Web Forum Users   View   Download
Energy Scrutinizing Using GSM Module   View   Download
Existentialism in "Fire on the Mountain"   View   Download
Survey of Automatic Rationing System using PIC Microcontroller   View   Download
Survey of Developing a Model of Analysing and Detecting for Leaderboard Discrepancies of Mobile Application   View   Download
Survey on Detection of Packet Dropping Attacks in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks   View   Download
Survey on Packet Delivery Mechanisms in MANETs   View   Download
New Historicism in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children   View   Download
A Review on the Functionally Graded Materials Produced by Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS) and Elctrophoretic Deposition   View   Download
Production of Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron [CADI]   View   Download
Automated Headlight Dim-Dip Assistance by Using Sensors   View   Download
Development of Plasma Treated Cotton and Cotton/ Nylon Interwoven Fabrics   View   Download
A Survey of Compact Microstrip Antenna with Defected Ground Structure for Wireless Applications   View   Download
Standards for Vibration Analysis   View   Download
Experimental Investigation on Diethyl Ether as an Ignition Improver in Diesel- Ethanol Emulsified Fuel for C.I Engine   View   Download
Dualband Fractal Antenna for S Band Applications   View   Download
Design of a Dynamic Architecture for Cache Management   View   Download
Design of a Controller for Single Phase Stand-Alone Tidal Power Plant   View   Download
Survey of Quadcopter Surveillance using LAN   View   Download
Autonomous Reverse Car Parking System Based on Robust Path Generation and Improved Sliding Mode Control   View   Download
Implementation of an Android Phone Based Video Streamer Using LIVE555 Streamer and FFMPEG   View   Download
Generation of Orthogonal Waveforms for RADARS   View   Download
Implementation of Efficient Analog to Digital Converter using Multi-Input Double-Tail Comparator   View   Download
Point To Point Voice Communication over Wireless Network Using Zigbee   View   Download
Design and Implementation of a Gas Cylinder Level Monitoring System Using MP Lab Software   View   Download
Car Authentication and Accident Intimation System using GPS and GSM   View   Download
Endpoint Based Solution for Resource Management and QoS Enhancement in VoWLAN   View   Download
Electrode Interfaces for Bilirubin Monitoring   View   Download
Development of Real Time System for Pollution Monitoring System   View   Download
Review of Keen Remote Gadgets in Vehicle   View   Download
Development of Border Alert System for Fishermen Using GPS   View   Download
Low Swing in Clock Pair Shaired Implicit Pulsed Flip-Flop   View   Download
Geographical Multicast Routing Protocol for Achieving Efficient and Scalable Group communication over MANET   View   Download
A Survey on Different Training Algorithms for Supervised Learning of Back Propagation Artificial Neural Networks   View   Download
Predicting the Weld Bead Geometry of Tig Welding and Generating a Mathematical Model by Box Benkahn   View   Download
Survey of Person Identification by Using Multibiometrics   View   Download
Intelligent Transportation System in Vehicle Tracking Mechanism Using VANET   View   Download
Design and Implementation of Down Sampler Using Multirate Technique   View   Download
Development of Algorithm for Robust Rooftop Extraction Using Higher Order CRF   View   Download
Inhibition effect of 2-Dimethyl amino ethanol on the corrosion behavior of austenitic stainless steel (type 304) in 0.1M H2SO4   View   Download
A Humanistic Study of Doris Lessing-s The Grass is Singing   View   Download
A Review on Is*g -Closed Sets in Ideal Topological Spaces   View   Download
Tragic flaws in Eugene O'Neill's play "Long Day's Journey into Night"   View   Download
A Review on Pairwise TS - Spaces   View   Download
Application of Genetic Algorithm in Optimization of Supply Chain Inventory   View   Download
A Review on Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Multi Factory, Multiproduct Supply Chain   View   Download
Relationship between Closed Sets in Topological Spaces   View   Download
The Unique Minimal Invariant Set of Sine's Mapping   View   Download
A Big Success of Big Data   View   Download
Development of Robotics for Detection and Removal of Weed   View   Download
Heat Transfer Enhancement in A Circular Tube Havingintegral Helical Swirl and Fitted with Twisted-Tape   View   Download
Design Optimization and Analysis of Slat in Military Aircraft   View   Download
Potential Applications of Crystal Growth Studies by SOL-GEL Method   View   Download
Tribological Effect of Size, Shape and Structure of Nanoparticle in Lubricant Oil - A Review   View   Download
Study the Flow Analysis of Hypersonic Vehicle Combustion   View   Download
Recent Methods for the Uptake of Chlorophenols from Nano Partciles-Review   View   Download
Plant Extracts as Environmentally-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors: a Review   View   Download
Cost Minimization in Shortest Path Communication for Dual Data Uploading in Wireless Sensor Network   View   Download
Design and Development of Solar Based Pesticide Sprayer   View   Download
Design and Development of Portable Solar Crop Cutter   View   Download
Composition and Austempering Heat Treatment on Ductile Iron   View   Download
Studies on Denim Fabrics for Their Market Size and Growth and Their Fabric Physical Properties   View   Download
Comparison of Yarn Quality of Ring and Rotor Spun Yarns for Denim Fabric Manufacture   View   Download
Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor and Their Application - A Review   View   Download
Rotordynamic Analysis of A Rotating System   View   Download
Numerical Analysis of Pressure Distribution Conventional and Telescopic Wing at Different Angle   View   Download
Energy Efficient Multi Hop Broadcasting for Asynchronous Duty Cycled Wireless Sensor Network   View   Download
Design and Fabrication of Screw Jack using Worm Gear   View   Download
Performance Analysis of Hydrogen and Naphthalene Fueled Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine   View   Download
Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in 1M HCl Medium using 2-Dimethyl Amino Ethanol   View   Download
Techniques to Remove Cadmium from Waste Water: A Short Overview   View   Download
Structural Analysis of Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles   View   Download
Image Searcher Using MATLAB   View   Download
Design, Development and Performance Evaluation of a Compressed Air Engine   View   Download
Automated Toll Fee Collection using License Plate Number Recognition   View   Download
On b-δ- Irresolute Functions   View   Download
Some More Results on b-δ-Closed Sets   View   Download
Design and Development of Software through Computer Aided Learning for Power Concepts   View   Download
Inhibition of Mannich Base on the Corrosion of Mild Steel in Acid - a Review   View   Download
Preparation Methods of NiO Nanoparticles - An Overview   View   Download
Design and Development of Jacquard Fabrics with Antibacterial Finishes   View   Download
Antimicrobial Finish on Nonwoven Fabric using Sandalwood Extract   View   Download
Friction Stir Welding-A Review   View   Download
Removal of Copper from Aqueous Solution using Various Activated Carbons: A Short Review   View   Download
The Effect of Various Reinforcements on Aluminium Alloy (Al7075) - A Review   View   Download
An Overview of Functionally Graded Materials   View   Download
Synthesizing of Metal Matrix Composites through Stir Casting Process - A Review   View   Download
A Review on Helical Coil Suspension System   View   Download
Evaluation of Fabric Comfort Quality by Novel Test Methods and Grading & Ranking Techniques   View   Download
A Study on Modern Diesel Engine Combustion Noise   View   Download
An Overview of Tribological Characteristics of Aluminium based Composites   View   Download
Geographic Routing in Manet-A Journey   View   Download
Overview of Electrochemical Corrosion at Pipe Supports Causes and Solution   View   Download
A Cram on Artifact Combo Organic Cotton, Bamboo Fiber and Roots for the of Spinal and Back Pain   View   Download
A Study on Bicycle Drive Mechanism - A Review   View   Download
Review of Centrigufal Casting of Aluminium Composites   View   Download
A Review on Characteristics and Mechanical properties of Aluminium Matrix Composite using Stir Casting Process   View   Download
Design and Simulation of Inconel 718 Gas Turbine Blades for the Transient Thermal Analysis   View   Download
Investigation of Friction Stir Welding of AA2024-T6 Alloy -A Review   View   Download
Mechanical and Tribological Conduct of Cross Breed Metal-Network Composite Manufactured by Stir Casting   View   Download
Study the Influence of Applied External Magnetic Field on the Quality of ARC Welding   View   Download
Development of Polymer Matrix Composites using Mercerized Coconut Fiber for Automobile Application   View   Download
Search Result Optimization Based on Semantic Analysis   View   Download
ERI Silk for Functional Knitted Apparels   View   Download
Controlling the Robots by Mobile   View   Download