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Dynamic Analysis of Multi-storey RCC Building Frames

Dynamic Analysis of Multi-storey RCC Building Frames

Akil Ahmed1

1Department of Civil Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University), New Delhi, India


The important objective of earthquake engineers is to design and build a structure in such a way that damage to the structure and its structural component during the earthquake is minimized. This report aims towards the dynamic analysis of a multi-storey RCC building with symmetrical configuration. For the analysis purpose model of ten storeys RCC with symmetrical floor plan is considered. The analysis is carried by using finite element based software SAP 2000. Various response parameters such as lateral force, base shear, story drift, story shear can be determined. For dynamic analysis time history method or response spectra method can be used .Time-history analysis is a step-by-step analysis of the dynamical response of a structure to a specified loading that may vary with time. The analysis may be linear or non-linear. Dynamic analysis can be performed for symmetrical as well as unsymmetrical building. Dynamic analysis can be in the form of nonlinear dynamic time history analysis. In this paper, a nonlinear time history analysis is performed on a ten storey RCC building frame considering time history of El Centro earthquake 1940 using SAP 2000. The main parameters of the seismic analysis of structures are load carrying capacity, ductility, stiffness, damping and mass. The various response parameters like base shear, storey drift, storey displacements etc are calculated. The storey drift calculated is compared with the minimum requirement of storey drift as per IS 1893:2002.

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